Canine Soft Tissue Session:


A soft tissue session for your dog will include massage, stretching, and range of motion. There will be an additional charge of $30.00 on the first session which will include a full static and dynamic assessment of your dog.  This assessment will allow us to develop an individual and appropriate therapy plan for your dog.

A 3 session plan is available for $125.00 + GST, but said sessions must be used within a 6 week period.

Saddle Assessment:


This service includes a simple saddle fitting and assessment of your saddle, both on and off the horse.  We wil look for areas of wear or assymmetry on the saddle that need to be addressed, as well as determine how well the saddle fits the horses back.  We will also do an assessment of the back on the horse to determine if there are any areas of sensitivity present.

Full Saddle Fitting Session:


During this assessment we will assess the saddle both on and off the horse for any abnormalities.You will be asked to ride your horse, and we will do a "white pad test" to look for areas of bridging and pressure points.  Templates will be made of your horses back that wll be appropriate to take with you when, and if, you are shopping for a new saddle. Please bring a camera to take pictures of the pad and horse.

Equine Soft Tissue Session: $90.00 + GST

A soft tissue session involves massage, stretching, range of motion assessment, myofascial release, photonic light therapy, and acupressure when indicated.

We charge an additional $75.00 on our first visit for a complete static and dynamic assessment of your horse.  This assessment includes a postural assessment of the horse both standing and moving which enables us to plan an individual therapy program for the horse based on our findings. You will also be asked to have the saddle, saddle pads, and bridle used on the horse available to be assessed for fit.

We offer trainers a $10.00 discount per session on their personal horses.

A 3 session plan is available for $225.00 + GST, and must be used within a 6 week period.

Preperation for Service

During the initial assessment, you will be given a release form to sign, and a form to fill out regarding the health and daily care of your horse or dog. This form gives us information regarding prior and current conditions or treatments that the animal had, and is kept with their files.

For horses, we please ask that you prepare with the following guidelines:

- Please walk your horse for 5 - 10 minutes before the session, to allow for some drainage of the lymphatic system

- Advise us of any skin conditions or vices that he/she may have

- Try to have him/her reasonably clean

- Have a flat surface available, in an area with as few distractions as possible

- No strenuous activity for 1 hour before the session

- No riding or exercise for 12 hours post session