Linda and Jaimie are a mother and daughter team. They decided to form a partnership after taking the Equinology Equine Body Worker certification course together. After completing and passing the 6 month externship required, following the course, Pozitive Touch was created.  Both Linda and Jaimie continue to take courses and attend seminars on a regular basis to enhance their knowledge and skills.



Equinology Equine Body Worker certification course - taught by Debranne Patillo, founder and President of Equinology

Advanced Equine Body Work: Level 1 - Taught by Debranne Patillo

Principles of Saddle Fitting and Shoeing Dynamics - Taught by Dr. Kerry Ridgeway DVM

Equine Acupressure: Level 1 - Taught by Diana Thompson

Equine Myofascial Release - taught by Diana Thompson

Photonic red light course - taught by Dianne Jenkins

Myofascial release course - taught by Ruth Mitchell Golloway

In may of this year, Linda had the opportunity to attend a seminar that was hosted by Tina Watkins of Inhand Equine Therapy.  The seminar was given by Dr. Hilary Clayton from Michigan State University.  Dr. Clayton is considered one of the foremost researchers on biomechanics, equine sports medicine and horse-rider interaction


- E.C.: Equine Canada

- IEBWA: International Equine Body Workers Association, Chair Person

- AEF: Alberta Equestrian Federation

​- AACET Membership, Alberta Association of Complimentary Equine Therapy

Linda Pozniak


Linda has loved horses and all animals from a very early age. Coming from a non-horse background, she worked at riding stables as a young girl in exchange for riding lessons and the chance to be around horses.

After graduating from high school, she pursued a career in nursing, but always held a passion to work with horses and contribute to their health and well being. While raising a family, she still had the desire to work with horses, and found the Equinlogy Inc. website, which enabled her to pursue her dream.  The equinology courses have enabled her to learn body work and therapies on horses without having to go away to school.

After taking the Equinology Equine Body Worker certification course, and completing the intensive externship, she was hooked.  She has continued to take courses with Equinology and complete externships on a regular basis.  She has also had the opportunity and privaledge to act as Teaching Assistant for Tina Watkins, when Tina offers the Equinology Body Worker course twice a year in Calgary.  Tina, of course, is well known in the horse community as one of the best soft tissue therapists in the Calgary region.

Jaimie Pozniak


Jaimie has always had horses in her life.  She attended Pony Club as a young girl, and went on to compete in the Hunter ring with her pony Trooper, or "Peanut Brittle".  They acquired many ribbons together and formed a lifetime bond.  Trooper is now retired, and living his days out with his friends in Delacour.

When it was time to move up to a larger mount, Jaimie got herself a thoroughbred gelding named Harris, or "Northoftherainbow".  She continued to compete in the Hunters with him until they retired from the showing ring in 2008. Jaimie then took the equinolgy equine body worker certification course with her mother, and together they established Pozitive Touch.

Jaimie also has a successful career as a dog groomer, and both jobs keep her very busy.  She decided to enhance the business by taking the Caninology Canine Body work course, and successfully completed the externship in 2010. She is very passionate regarding the care and wellness of animals, and has acquired and successfully rehabilitated many rescues that were considered unsuitable for adoption



Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification - Taught by Debranne Patillo

Caninology Canine Body Worker Certification - Taught by Beverly Adams


IEBWA: Internation Equine Body Workers Association