Welcome to the Pozitive Touch Equine Massage Website

We are fully insured, professional Equine Body Workers, with a strong commitment to providing therapeutic and wellness body tissue therapy for horses and dogs involved in all disciplines.

Our goal is to create a pathway for preventative health, improved performance, maintenence, and rehabilitation from injuries for your equine and canine partners. Body tissue therapy is a non-invasive technique, so the animals feel secure and learn to look forward to and enjoy the sessions.

We have been in  practice since 2008, and strive to work closely with veterinarians, farriers, trainers and owners as a team to provide improved health and comfort to the animals we work with.

Our sessions include assessments, massage, myofacial release, acupressure, photonic light therapy, stretching and range of motion exercises. All muscle groups are addressed during a session and special attention is given to problem areas, or areas of concern.

We believe in the philosophy "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and encourage owners to include this therapy as part of the wellness and conditioning program for their animals. When the animal is on a regular schedule, we can identify potential prolems in the early stages, and work on correcting issues before they escalate. This results in less injury and time off for recovery.

Although the animals will benefit greatly from even one session, it often will take 3-4 sessions for noticable improvement, especially involving problems that have been long standing. Maintaining healthy tissue is an on-going process.

***PLEASE NOTE: Soft tissue therapy does NOT take the place of veterinary care. It is an additional therapy to help the animal with relief from pain and maintain healthy soft tissue. We will not work on an injury or lameness that has not been diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian. We do not offer Chiropractic therapy which requires special licensing the province of Alberta, but will provide the name of Veterinarians who are qualified in chiropractics if needed.

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